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I personally like the altered version, but it must be done by a really professional person, otherwise the result won't be too good. I like the idea of cropping the ears, but not so much the idea of docking the tail. I think the latter isn't very natural at all and has no reason to be.

I owned a miniaure schnauzer with cropped ears and docked tail... everytime I saw that dog's tail moving I felt like I was watching a mutilated dog.

We have a neighbor who adopted a 6 year old Great Dane with an undocked tail and, during the summer, they have a horrible problem with infection and flies. They have to keep it covered with bandages while indoors at all times. Their vet has amputated small parts numerous times, but it never heals properly.
When reading up on Dobermans, one thing I read is that the tails are not particularly sturdy and prone to damage/injury in doors, etc. This combined with our neighbors experience with her GD has convinced me that docking is the right choice for our pup.

On the other hand, ear cropping, if I am not the type to meticulously care for posting, etc (simply because I really donít care if her ears stand up properly or not), seems like an unnecessary procedure on a breed with such short hair. Keeping the ears clean should not be that difficult. We also live in a large city, and feel that when our dog is out in public, she will be seen as much less threatening with cute, floppy ears than with the traditional cropped ears.

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