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Thread: Something is up with my pup. Vet was of little help. Frustrated.

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    Default Something is up with my pup. Vet was of little help. Frustrated.

    I posted here before but made a new post because this one is more informative giving more background information and I think will be more helpful to me in the long run sorry for the lengthy post but I don't know how else to explain it thoroughly. Haven Mae is 10 weeks old. We've had her since she was 6 weeks old. She was eating dry food from the breeder when we picked her up. Wanted to give her the best we started feeding origin large puppy breed. I did start mixing some canned food with her dry food and since these problems that came about I have switched her food to giving her boiled chicken with some dry food. Where all the food switching is a good but I was just trying to make her feel better with all the issues I'm seeing. I'm aware of slowly and gradually switching food now. Anyway She's had her Shots - just got the 3rd today. She's my road dog. I take her with me everyday. I'm self employed and am able to do it. She is super spoiled and we love her.

    Im noticing some problems health wise now that I look at the big picture. I took Haven to the vet about 9 days ago. Her stomach looked like a ball and she just wasn't being herself. Over the past week Here are things Ive noticed:
    •she seems to not be able to get comfortable.
    •Curls up in a tight ball
    •Gets up and stretches every few minutes
    •bites feverishly at her paws and mainly back hip like she has fleas but there are zero fleas. She will be looking around and sort of wimpering. Then start trying to bite and chew on anything in sight. Not a playful biting more of a anxious gesture or irritated
    •when laying down trying to sleep -every few minutes she will start to swallow and smack her lips
    •she will get up and walk to the other side of the couch and appear to be choking or going to puke - gag about 6 times and cough but produce nothing.
    •sometimes her stomach and chest area will start expanding and contracting. Possibly a hiccup episode but makes a hollow thumping sound not like that of a hiccup. When it's real bad I can hear the squishing of liquids.
    •she has started to lick the floor.
    •she will suddenly sit up out of a calm sleep and throw her leg open and lick her private area like it's irritating her.
    •to me she feels real bony and her skin is real elasticity like
    •sometimes I swear she has a fever because she will be abnormally hot to the touch

    So I took her to the vet because I can look at her and see how she is acting and tell she does not feel good. I take this girl to work with me daily since we first got her. She sleeps right next to me. She has always had a super alert playful personality mixed with some mischief. Typical Dobe. She's always smiling. She is either alert and doing what dobes do or she's asleep recharging.

    The vet said she was a little dehydrated. She also had hookworms. They kept her for the afternoon and gave her some fluids. They sent her home that evening with 4 cans of science diet and some powder to put in her food. I was told that she had an upset stomach and to feed her the science diet for a couple of days because it was bland then start her back on her regular food (orjen large breed puppy)

    Well 9 days later and this isn't the same puppy that I've known. All of the symptoms I listed above have multiplied and become worse. Once a playful pup she now is more sedentary and slow. Always preoccupied with one of the things I've mentioned. There have been a few instances where something grabs her attention and she will be her old self again but something is up. When she is like this I can see it in her eyes that she does not feel well. She was real dazed like this morning and groggy So my gf took her to the vet again today. I explained to the vet via speaker phone as to what is going on with her and then I left it with my gf to handle as I had to get back to work.

    My gf calls me and tells me that they found slight trace of worms still and that there is some bacteria in her stomach so we have antibiotics to give her. Then she said the vet said for me to stop googling stuff and she is "fine" all of the things she is doing are what puppy's do. I nearly drove my truck off a bridge! This puppy is miserable and I don't know how a vet (highly recommended clinic at that) can't see this.

    It's 3 am now. I'm in the kitchen and she is awake laying on the couch watching me but won't come in here. Two weeks ago I have to watch every step because I will step on her she is right by my side. I damn sure couldn't go anywhere near my kitchen or dare rattle any type of paper because she's right there jumping up and down smiling barking and moaning wanting a treat or to be fed. Now nothing.

    We were feeding her 4 smaller meals a day of orjen and boiled chicken breast. The vet today instructed us to feed her only twice a day. Not sure how that will work out since it looks to me like she is bony already.

    I'm afraid something is seriously wrong. I know something is up but I'm new to all this puppy stuff. Any help or advice is much appreciated. I just want to do the right thing so she gets better.

    She had another hacking episode that I was able to get on video just now. While writing this. I'll try to post or link it.

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    Default Hi again

    I replied to your other post and am still following you and your baby.

    First, sounds like you need to try a different vet for more opinions. I've never encountered a vet (or doctor) that doesn't want their client to be informed or do research. No one knows everything and information from various sources only adds to a quicker solution. Anyone that wants you to limit your information to ONLY what they provide you should be a big red flag.

    Second, did you ask the vet about canine megaesophagus? If you weren't able, you might want to ask a new vet.

    Also, consider bloat issues. Did your vet do X-rays? Is there a way you can time her feeding so that she may have this issue when you can get her to a vet? OR can you get her to an emergency vet other than your regular one when she is doing this?

    Did you check out and review your food?

    I'm re-asking (suggesting) these things because I didn't see them in your new post and a lot of her symptoms sound very close to bloat and CEM.

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    Where are all the other replies to my post.



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