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Default What do you feed your Doberman?

I'm interested to know what you feed your Dobermans. There are so many different opinions on what a dog should eat - some say dry kibble only, others mix it with water and/or canned dog food. And then there's the question of brands. And I know some say only feed them what you prepare yourself, never commercial stuff.

Ours eat quite a varied diet of dry kibble, on its own or mixed with grated carrot, boiled potatoes, other cooked vegetables, shredded cooked chicken or beef, a small amount of rice, or whatever else is around. They also sometimes get kibble softened with a little homemade bone broth, and the bones to chew on. And they like most kinds of fruit too. No junk or nasty, greasy leftovers, though! Though they do love icecream (no stomach issues with dairy!).

What do your dogs eat?
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Both of my dogs eat mostly dog food. I don't think I'm ready to prepare anything I made myself, because I'm not an expert in dog nutrition and I'm kinda lazy, lol. So I prefer to feed them some dry or wet dog food
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My dogs eat commercially prepared dog kibble. I stick with Science Diet since I can get it at a discount at the veterinary hospital I used to work for. But there are plenty of premium diets out there that provide everything your dog needs to be healthy and happy. It's important to note that puppies should always be fed puppy formulations and adults should be fed adult formulations to prevent problems.
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We have ours on a grain free food. Many companies now have this option. I feel good as it's not natural for dogs to have grain anyway. They do SO much better, no allergies, etc. Getting a dog off grain often clears many things up all by itself. I always find this amusing when people find this surprising.

I have fed raw in the past. It saved the life of our first dobie. I did the B.A.R.F when it was first being talked about almost 20 years ago.

Dog food questions often cause many misunderstandings in forums and many flames.
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I have had to resort to doing what you do clearsky. I've been having trouble again with Rocky's eating. I can't find any dog food that he'll just eat on his own. Even when I mixed it with meats or sardines he will just eat like half of the servings. It's worrisome

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