Hey everyone.
I just joined this forum as I am looking for a bit of help with finding a great breeder for a new Doberman puppy.

I am based in New Zealand and canít find any solid breeders here since the breeder of my current dobie (Pluto) has stopped breeding. I am looking to import a dog from Europe or USA.

I just want to make sure I do as much research as I can to ensure I get a super healthy and well tempered dog.

I am looking for a European line Doberman. Personally I prefer the look of them I love the darker markings and the more squared bone structures. And want a dog on the larger side.
Also would love a dog with a strong drive and a Ton if energy.

I understand that some breeders might breed dogs for showing purposes while others breed for work purposes. And all dogs are different.
I am interested in starting Schutzhund so I guess I would prefer a dog on the working side of thing.
However the most important thing to me is a great temperament and a dog that loves being around the family. And Iíve course health is also top priority.

If anyone could recommend some great breeders either based in the USA or Europe it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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